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Discover Your Child's Next Great Read, our Love of Reading page is now live!

"You look like Art, that filled my heart, will you watch the stars with me? Take your hand in mine as we smile with glee, as we watch the midnight sky, I'll help you kiss your problems goodbye. Your my Light shower, my ray of hope, you probably didn't know but your the reason I cope"

- Poem by a year 7 student at ARTS Education.

At ARTS Education we actively promote the well-being of our students

To ensure students have access to appropriate support, we have put together some informative fact sheets, these are also displayed in school for students to view. These resources address the most common emotions students may experience and provide guidance on navigating them. Additionally, we have included details for Liverpool CAMHS, This resource is intended to provide students with access to additional support in managing their emotional well-being. Remember, reaching out for help is a sign of strength, and there are professionals available to listen and provide guidance.

Brace yourself!

Our website is about to explode with a brand new section dedicated entirely to the "Love of Reading." Dive into a haven of curated online books, from timeless classics to hidden gems. Explore archives bursting with literary history, and tap into resources designed to reignite your passion for the page. Whether you're a seasoned bibliophile or just starting your literary journey, this is your one-stop shop to lose yourself in the magic of words!

Our school's moving for Mental Health Week!

It's a week-long focus on how movement can boost mental well-being and empower students to take care of their minds.

Movement is a great way to enhance our wellbeing. Even a short burst of 10 minutes’ brisk walking can boost our mood and increase our mental alertness and energy, click below to find out more.

Safeguarding Our Students: Operation Encompass Now in Place

The safety and wellbeing of our students is our top priority. We are therefore proud to announce that our school is now participating in Operation Encompass, a crucial partnership between the police and schools.

Operation Encompass is designed to offer timely support to children who may have been affected by domestic abuse. When the police attend a domestic abuse incident where a child is present or potentially impacted, they can confidentially share this information with a designated safeguarding lead at our school.

1 in 5 children have been exposed to domestic abuse and it is present in 60% of all serious case reviews. It is estimated that children are present in 80% of incidents.

Report a Concern

If you are concerned about a student or young person at ARTS Education, please email If this is of an urgent matter, please call 101 or in an emergency always call 999.

Discover the best books by writers of colour: win the Jhalak Prize 2024 shortlists

Do you love reading exciting stories, amazing poems, and interesting facts? The Jhalak Prize and the Jhalak Children's & YA Prize celebrate brilliant books written by authors of colour. This year's shortlists feature all sorts of adventures, from fiction and poetry to true stories and picture books!

Want to win a set of these shortlisted books? We're giving away three sets of EACH shortlist, so six lucky winners can dive into these amazing reads.

Head over to the entry form (link in below) and tell us: would you like to win the Jhalak Prize shortlist, the Jhalak Children's & YA Prize shortlist?

The contest closes on Thursday, May 16th, 2024, so don't miss out! Good luck!

To Enter please click here

Free reading through our libraries - online and physical

Our library thrives on student leadership! A team of dedicated student librarians, chosen through a rigorous application process, invests their time in making the library a fantastic resource for everyone. Their recommendations are driving the library's growth, ensuring it's well-equipped and constantly expanding to meet student needs.

Students can borrow books to enjoy during breaks and lunch in our calm and inviting library environment. Plus, parents have access to the school's online library, extending the love of reading to the home.

We are currently reading as part of our reading groups

In Marissa Meyer's Cinder, we meet Cinder, a gifted mechanic living in a futuristic, plague-ridden New Beijing. Despite being a cyborg, a discriminated-against class of human with robotic parts, Cinder excels in her field. Her life takes a turn when she encounters Prince Kai, who brings her his broken android for repair. Cinder hides her cyborg identity from the prince, but their paths continue to cross. As Cinder delves deeper into the android's repairs, she uncovers secrets about a lost princess and a ruthless lunar queen with plans for Earth. Cinder finds herself at the centre of an intergalactic struggle, grappling with her past, a forbidden romance, and the fate of her world.

Ransom Riggs's novel, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, follows teenager Jake as he investigates a mystery surrounding his grandfather's fantastical stories. Led by clues, Jake finds a hidden island and the abandoned Miss Peregrine's Home. There, he encounters peculiar children with extraordinary abilities, existing in a time loop to avoid monstrous creatures. As Jake uncovers the truth about the past and the dangers of the present, he must decide if he possesses a peculiarity of his own and help protect the extraordinary residents of Miss Peregrine's home.

Imagine opening a book and being whisked away to a fantastical world, sailing alongside pirates or exploring the depths of space. That's the magic of reading, and here at ARTS Education, we're passionate about igniting a love of literature in every student. We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to discover the joy of getting lost in a good book, be it a heart-pounding adventure or a poignant tale that stirs their emotions.

Check with your local bookseller what plans they have in place for World Book Day.

Find your nearest bookseller at

Token is for children’s individual use.

  • Offer valid from 15th February until 31st March 2024

  • The token barcode can either be scanned from a

  • phone/tablet screen or printed out and shown in-store.

  • Please check with your local bookseller before visiting if

  • they can accept the barcode on mobile devices.

  • The digital £1 book token cannot be redeemed online.

For the full line-up of £1 books, visit

For full terms, visit

Chinese New Year 2024

In preperation for the Chineese new year students have been making decoration to place around the school

Watch the iconic Dragon, Unicorn, and Lion Dancer parades and lots of cultural activities in the heart of Liverpool’s Chinatown find out more HERE

Happy New Year, and welcome back to the January term! I hope you had a chance to rest, recharge, and fill your minds with inspiration during the break. Now, it's time to step back into the classroom and embrace the fresh start a new term brings. New knowledge awaits, adventures in learning are just around the corner, and the hallways buzz with the promise of growth and discovery. So, shake off the last snowflakes, gather your notebooks, and join the collective hum of curiosity. Let's make this term one for the books!

In remembrance and reflection, our students have raised their voices through art. To commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, they poured their hearts into creating a powerful poster. It stands as a testament to the millions who were lost, a stark reminder of the darkness that can encompass humanity, and a flickering flame of hope for a future built on tolerance and understanding.

On Friday 26th January 2024 students at ARTS Education turned into chefs and received a sizzling lesson in global flavours! A friendly representative from Apple of my Eye dropped by to host a cookery session, transforming our classroom into a mini fiesta. Together, the children embarked on a culinary adventure, mastering the art of spicy chicken fajitas. Tender morsels of chicken danced in a pan with a symphony of spices, promising a taste bud tango.

But the fiesta didn't stop there! Our junior mixologists whipped up a refreshing fruit cocktail, the perfect counterpoint to the fiery fajitas.

The blizzard couldn't bury the creative spirit!

In anticipation of potential winter weather this week, we want to assure our community that ARTS Education will remain open for normal operations where possible. Our custodial and administration teams are closely monitoring weather conditions and road closures, and we will communicate any adjustments to our schedule promptly through Class Dojo, Emails or phone calls. While we encourage safe travel and discretion at the individual level, we believe maintaining regular classes and routines minimizes disruption to learning and provides a safe haven for students who may not have alternative arrangements. Should circumstances necessitate a closure, we will prioritize the safety of our students and staff. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we navigate this winter weather together.

January 17th, our Year 8, 9, and 10 students will be heading to the university for a day of exploration and discovery.

Tour the campus: We'll get to see the different buildings, facilities, and green spaces that make up the university. This will give us a real sense of the atmosphere and community at Hope.

• Meet current students and staff: We'll have the opportunity to chat with students and staff who can tell us about their experiences at the university. This is a great way to get a first hand perspective on what studying at Hope is really like.

• Attend taster sessions: We'll be able to attend workshops in 'Budgeting', 'Raising Ambitions' and 'How to choose' between a career and further education. This is a fantastic way to discover new passions and see what kind of academic opportunities are available at university.

19th of January

This trip to World of Glass aligns seamlessly with our school curriculum, providing a hands-on learning experience that complements our classroom studies in various subjects:

  • Science: We'll explore the properties of matter, specifically the unique properties of glass, such as its transparency, brittleness, and ability to melt and reform

  • English: We'll enhance our communication and writing skills by observing, describing, and reflecting on the exhibits and demonstrations at World of Glass.

  • Math: We'll also delve into the mathematical concepts that underpin the creation of glass objects, such as symmetry, geometry, and scale. We'll discover how glassmakers use mathematical principles to achieve precise shapes, intricate patterns, and balanced proportions, transforming molten glass into masterpieces of art and design.

  • History: We'll gain a deeper understanding of technological advancements and cultural developments throughout history, particularly the evolution of glassmaking techniques and its impact on society.

  • Art: We'll develop our appreciation for visual arts and craftsmanship, analyzing the artistic elements and techniques used in glassmaking.

13th December

Mark your calendars for the 14th of December!

The School is embarking on an exciting trip to Ninja Warrior Speke

On November 9th, 2023, a group of ARTS students visited the Imperial War Museum North in Manchester. The students had the opportunity to explore the museum's exhibitions.

One of the exhibitions that the students visited was "Poppies," a large-scale art installation by Paul Cummins. The installation consists of over 800,000 ceramic poppies.

The students also had the opportunity to meet Peter, a Merchant Sailor from the Royal Navy who specialized in Morse code. Peter explained that not only did he have to learn the alphabet in multiple languages, but he also had to learn punctuation and grammar in order to send and receive messages accurately. He also offered the students the chance to spell out their names in Morse code on his telegraph.

The students trip to the Imperial War Museum North was a reminder that literature can help us to understand the past and to reflect on the human experience. The stories that the students encountered at the museum exposed them to a variety of Views and perspectives. The trip also helped the students to develop their critical thinking and analytical skills.

As we approach Remembrance Sunday, we have organised a trip to the Imperial War Museum in Manchester. The IWM North is not just a museum; it's a dynamic learning hub that seamlessly integrates history, literature, English, and more. Through its interactive exhibits, captivating displays, and personal stories, the museum provides a unique opportunity for students to engage with the past and connect it to their own lives.

Literature enthusiasts will find themselves captivated by the museum's rich collection of personal accounts, letters, and diaries, these firsthand narratives offer a poignant counterpoint to historical accounts.

For history enthusiasts, the IWM North is a veritable goldmine, Students can gain a deeper understanding of the political, social, and economic factors that have shaped the course of history.

24th October

On our trip to Birchalls Farm in Rainford, students had the opportunity to view all the entrants in the scarecrow competition besides their own. They were amazed by the creativity and ingenuity of the scarecrows, which ranged from traditional scarecrows made from straw and old clothes to more elaborate creations made from recycled materials.

Some students also took the opportunity to go pumpkin picking and learn about growing and how far in advance they need to be grown for Halloween. They learned that pumpkins typically take around 100 days to grow from seed to harvest, so they need to be planted in early June to be ready for Halloween. Students also learned that pumpkins need full sun and well-drained soil to grow well.

23rd October

Following on from visit from Author Noran Hobnail our trip to the Big Little Library in Gateacre was a resounding success, with students gaining access to a wealth of resources to help inspire their story writing in English and finding books to continue to encourage them to read both in and outside school.

At ARTS Education we want all our pupils to foster a lifelong love of reading, we believe this will help set our students up to become enthusiastic and fluent readers and as such reading is at the heart of everything we do.

We want our pupils to read for enjoyment and we can already see this happening through our daily reading activities. Pupils who were once reluctant to even look at a book are now enjoying reading quietly or aloud within their reading groups, with lots of pupils now choosing to read in their own time. We want our pupils to be able to have access to books and feel confident reading and able to find out about the world around them and to support them in having a deeper understanding of their interests.

Reading opportunities at ARTS

Our reading activities take place daily at ARTS, in small groups students read independently overseen by our staff who model positive reading behavior by reading their own book alongside them. For those pupils who need a little more support they work with staff to read text together or through a laptop using narrator software to then complete a book review on what they have understood about the book they were reading. We have also invested in an IDL reading program which all pupils have access to in school to aid them given their specific needs.

At ARTS we are fortunate enough to have a well stocked library and also have an online library that both are constantly being expanded. As well as covering books from the national curriculum recommended reading list we use pupils' voices to ensure we have text to suit their interests. Both our physical library and online library offer pupils a wide range of books suitable for all age ranges and abilities. We hope in time to set up a lunchtime book club giving pupils the opportunity to read collectively and discuss different books. This gives pupils the chance to read books they may not normally choose.

To encourage our students to read at home we have set up an electronic library so that the students can have access to relevant reading material both in and out of school. They can read their favourite book at home and then continue reading where they left off in our daily reading sessions. If your child is a student at ARTS Education, please ask about access.

Love of reading at ARTS Education

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

-Dr. Seuss

Introducing our new Therapy room!

This space is designed to provide students with a safe and supportive environment to relax, de-stress, and improve their overall well-being.

The chill out therapy room is equipped with a variety of amenities that are proven to promote relaxation and stress relief, including:

  • Comfortable seating, such as beanbags and soft flooring.

  • Dimmable lighting and soothing music

  • Aromatherapy diffusers with calming scents

  • Weighted blankets and other sensory items

  • Art supplies and other creative materials

We believe that the chill out therapy room will be a valuable resource for our students, and we are excited to see how they use it to improve their well-being.

Recently, we were thrilled to have author Brian O'Hanlon (AKA Noran Hobnail) visit our school to give a talk on his journey to becoming a children's book author. Noran Hobnail shared his story with students, including how he got his start in writing, the challenges he faced, and the rewards of being an author. He also read from his book and answered students' questions.

Noran Hobnail's visit was a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn about the different career paths available in the field of literacy. Students learned that there are many different ways to work with books, including writing, editing, illustrating, and publishing. They also learned that authors come from all walks of life and have a variety of different backgrounds.

We believe that it is important for students to see themselves reflected in the books they read and in the authors they meet. Noran Hobnail's visit was a powerful reminder that anyone can become an author, and that there are many different ways to contribute to the world of literacy.

Welcome to the new ARTS Education School Library!

We are excited to announce the opening of our new school library to supplement our online library, which features a wide selection of books, magazines and other resources to support your learning and creative endeavours.

In addition to our traditional collection, we are also introducing a new incentive to read called Bookflix. Bookflix is a personalized book recommendation service that works just like Netflix. Simply tell us your favourite books and genres, and we'll recommend new reads that you're sure to love.

Noran 'AKA' Brian, has shared some wonderfully kind words after his visit to ARTS Education.

We wish Noran well and we look forward to seeing him again soon, his inspiration is very catching!

ARTS Education Students Enter Birchall's Pumpkin Patch Scarecrow Competition

The students of ARTS Education are excited to announce their entry into this year's Birchall's Pumpkin Patch Scarecrow Competition. Their scarecrow, Dracula, is a terrifying and realistic depiction of the iconic gothic character.

The students were inspired to create Dracula after studying Bram Stoker's novel of the same name in their English class during Gothic Literature. They were fascinated by the character's dark and mysterious nature, and they wanted to bring him to life in their scarecrow.

The students worked hard to create a scarecrow that was both authentic and visually appealing. They used a variety of materials, including hay, straw, and fabric, to create a scarecrow that looked like it had stepped right out of the pages of Stoker's novel.

The students are confident that their scarecrow will be a hit at the Birchall's Pumpkin Patch Scarecrow Competition. They are proud of their hard work, and they are excited to see how their scarecrow compares to the other entries.

Entries to this years competition can be found